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TONY JORDAN:  Real Solutions with Real Results

Since Tony has been in the Assembly he’s worked hard and played a large part in fixing what's wrong in Albany.

In just three years his dedication and ability paid off for us. Tony was handpicked to lead the legislative debates for the Assembly Minority Conference. In this position he has helped defeat job killing public policy and won important victories for Saratoga and Washington counties.

Tony’s worked hard to get New York government where it is today:


  • Worked to close budget deficits without raising your taxes
  • Lowered family income taxes
  • Capped property taxes for families, small businesses and family farmers


  • Passed tough ethics reforms
  • Working to end partisan politics
  • Led Assembly debates on the most critical matters facing New York families


  • Invested in our economic recovery for job growth
  • Lowered the cost of living for families and seniors
  • Improved how we protect our most vulnerable citizens and how we prevent crime

To Tony Jordan it’s pretty simple: offer real solutions and you’ll see real results.

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Tony Jordan for Assembly